Holly France
Hello friend! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Holly, the maker behind Bren
& Co. I want to create handmade, bespoke accessories and homewares using recycled, ethical and sustainable materials. This is a project I have started with the help, encouragement and inspiration from many people, to help keep me sane living with a chronic illness. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2014 and have spent most of the last 3 year in bed/on the sofa. I found my love of knitting and crochet became a way of achieving something during the bad days and it is now something I can’t put down. This is a work in progress and my condition affects me differently everyday, some days more productive than others, so please bare with me! This is a space where I can share my creations and give some honest insight to the realities of living with chronic and mental illnesses through my blog. I will be updating you with new products and progress on my etsy shop. If you have any comments or ideas, please let me know via the contact information below, I would love to hear from you.